LED Lights For The Home

Industry News Apr01

Above are just a few of the reasons why home LED lighting is becoming so popular. Another is its versatility. Thanks to their shape and size, LEDs can be manipulated to fit a range of applications and as such LED lights can be found throughout the home in the form of ceiling lights, wall lights, bathroom lights as well as more adventurous options such as LED under cabinet lighting.

A common choice for those making the initial transition to LED is to replace their traditional screw cap light bulbs with LEDs. Manufactured to be a direct replacement for incandescent bulbs with either an Edison screw fitting or the popular bayonet fitting, lights such as the GU10, B22 and E27 LED bulb are sought by those replacing their home lighting.

As the LED market expands, so too does the choice of available LED products for the home. As well as coming in a variety of fittings, LED light fixtures can also be found in a range of finishes to suit any interior. From traditional embossed brass to minimal white chic, the LED industry is adapting to suit all tastes. It is even possible to experiment with dimming and directed light to create a more atmospheric effect. Strip lights are another popular choice for those seeking flexible lighting in their homes.

Those who replace their home lights with LEDs will also benefit from a higher quality of light. LEDs are renowned for providing a brighter light which is also cleaner and crisper. You'll also notice that the light is emitted almost instantly, unlike old forms of incandescent, halogen or fluorescent bulbs.

Understandably, this makes LEDs very popular for commercial use. Access to instant bright light has obvious uses within the automotive industry, but also for emergency purposes.

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