Quality Policy

Companies adhering to the "focus on quality, prevention, and strive to continuous improvement, meet customer demand and dedication quality products" the quality policy, from the choice of suppliers, the design development, maintenance equipment, customer requirements to employee training and evaluation source began to ensure quality, through the strict inspection standard, scientific testing methods and advanced production and testing equipment and excellent quality consciousness, and achieve "don't accept bad product, don't do bad product, not a bad product". High quality spirit, full participation, continuous improvement, and perseverance. Customer satisfaction is our eternal principle of service.

Advanced and Complete Production Equipment

Samsung high speed placement machine
Reflow oven
Strip waterproofing machine (IP 65)

Supporting the Photoelectric Performance Testing Equipment

1. Incoming material equipment

300MM integral ball
Leakage current tester
Armed with temperature detector

2. Product equipment testing

1500mm integral ball
Distribution photometric
Temperature inspection instrument
Illuminance meter
Oscilloscope tester
Voltage tester

3. Aging equipment

High and low voltage, high low-temperature impact to be automatic aging line

Reputation Guarantee

  • Many years development, design, and lamps LED lamps and lighting applications professional provider.
  • All over Asia, Europe, North America, hundreds of countries and regions of the business partners for long term cooperation and support.
  • The company is equipped with advanced label design and printing equipment, satisfy customer special needs or OEM products.
  • Have electronic, mechanical, thermal, etc of the professional engineer design team, for the product quality improvement provide strong backing.
  • The famous brand manufacturers to provide chips or chip program and ensure product lawful, security and stability. Most of the product already through the CE ROHS, KEMA KEUR and UL authentication.

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